Case Results

The following is a partial list of cases handled by our attorneys that resulted in positive results and compensation for our clients, and our long-term commitment to excellence in representing our clients is reflected in these cases. Some of the most recent cases indicate the year that they were resolved in our client's favor.

Motor Vehicle Accidents, Nursing Homes
  • Global settlement of $4.25 million for victims of head-on collision when an impaired driver caused serious injuries and death to multiple victims.
  • Settlement for personal injury, wrongful death, and loss of consortium with multiple insurance companies when other driver alleged to be texting and driving caused injuries and death in Scott County Case settles for insurance policy limits of multiple drivers when passenger seriously injured, requiring surgery and removal of fallopian tube
  • Client injured when T-boned by inattentive driver running red light at high rate of speed
  • Client suffers serious injuries when rear-ended by interstate semi-tractor trailer violating Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • Client suffers broken bones requiring surgery to repair bones and ligaments after interstate collision
  • Client sustains SLAP shoulder tear requiring surgery after being struck by another motorist while on motorcycle
  • Settlement for limits of all insurance policies when pedestrian client sustains crushed knee when other driver lost control of car and pinned the knee between two vehicles
  • Insurance policy limits recovered after passenger required multi-day hospital stay and battled prolonged infection following auto accident
  • Settlement of liability and bad faith case when other driver caused collision but insurance company refused to make an offer prior to filing suit
  • Client sideswiped by another vehicle in wet conditions and suffered significant back and shoulder injuries
  • Drunk driver (aggravated DUI) crossed center line, striking client head on and causing serious injuries
  • Client rear-ended and suffered herniated discs, causing significant pain and suffering
  • Pedestrian seriously injured after being struck and dragged by speeding truck crossing the wrong lane of traffic and traveling in the wrong direction
  • Severe injuries requiring multiple surgeries suffered in head-on collision caused by driver who crossed the center line.
  • Nursing home negligence caused client to lose part of foot while a resident in nursing home.
  • Policy limits collected for Madison County passenger who suffered collar bone, facial and jaw injuries when driver of vehicle collided with another vehicle.
  • Passenger suffered severe personal injuries when thrown from vehicle and struck by another vehicle on interstate.
  • Client suffered serious back injury when his vehicle was rammed by speeding driver who skidded on ice in Lexington.
  • Nursing home resident being transported to medical facility suffered fractured shoulder and lacerations when improperly secured wheelchair overturned and threw resident to floor.
  • Client was rear-ended in Scott County and suffered back injury resulting in severe back pain.
  • Nursing home resident injured during fall when given improper assistance and suffered broken vertebrae, hematoma on the brain and lacerations to the head, causing resident to be bedridden for a significant time.
  • Motorcycle passenger was thrown into air when uninsured motorist turned in front of motorcycle, causing multiple fractures of the femur, arm and collarbone to passenger. Policy limits collected from uninsured motorist policy without litigation.
  • Passenger killed while riding in a speeding vehicle driven by a drunk driver. Policy limits paid for client's death without suit.
  • Oil tanker truck ran client off road in Lee County, causing serious physical injuries.
  • Speeding car crossed median in Fayette County and hit clients' car head-on causing back injury to one party and broken hip to other.
  • Recovery from both the policy of person causing car wreck and from client's underinsured motorist policy for injuries to pelvis, low back and hands and necessary surgery.
  • Uninsured motorist struck client's vehicle from the rear causing severe injury to chest and lungs which resulted in pneumonia and near death for client.
  • Policy limits collected without litigation for client who suffered severe physical injury and facial scarring after driver of another vehicle crossed the median and collided head on with client's car.
  • Severe crush injury to foot in Scott County requiring extensive surgery and extended period of lost wages. Recovery from policy for driver causing the accident and also from client's underinsured motorist policy.
  • Road tractor being driven by client was struck by a car that ran a red light causing serious personal injury.
  • Massage therapist sustained bone fracture to hand when another car collided with client's car. Recovery for client for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.
  • Trucking accident caused back injuries to Plaintiff when his vehicle was struck in Fayette County by a road tractor pulling a loaded trailer. Plaintiff could not work for 8 months and suffered significant pain and mental anguish.
  • Passenger in an automobile driven by an inattentive driver sustained fractured tibia and foot, torn ligaments in knee, puncture wounds and abrasions requiring prolonged hospitalization. Settlement in client's favor for full policy limits without litigation.
  • One passenger killed and another seriously injured when state worker hydroplaned on wet highway and collided head-on with Plaintiff's vehicle.
  • Client's car struck from the rear by vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed, causing Plaintiff to suffer severe injuries.
  • Car wreck victim rear ended in Nicholasville, Jessamine County, by speeding vehicle. Recovery compensated client for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and loss of future ability to earn wages resulting from severe injuries which required disc surgery and carpal tunnel surgery.
  • Client suffered broken bones and serious bodily injuries when driver of another vehicle crossed the centerline on Leestown Pike in Lexington and crashed head on into client's vehicle. Policy limits recovered for client without litigation.
  • Serious injury to neck, jaw, arms and shoulder in car wreck requiring client to undergo surgery.
  • Lancaster, Garrard County, resident suffered serious physical injuries when a car came across the median on New Circle Road and crashed head on into client's car.

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Personal Injury, Insurance Litigation, Animal Attacks, Disability
  • Minor client suffers serious finger and hand injury causing initial partial amputation and reparative surgery and prolonged treatment after attacked by violent dog
  • Client injured when leaving Wal-Mart due to negligence of its employee
  • Zip line company negligent in failing to secure client which resulted in significant injury; zip line company liable despite client having signed pre-activity "release"
  • Recovery for minor client when negligent supervision by employees of day care center allowed client to be assaulted, sustaining face injuries
  • Settlement reached in Consumer Protection Act case for amount by which clients were defrauded, rescission of fraudulent agreement, and payment of client's attorney's fees and costs
  • Settlement reached with employer for statutory damages including unpaid wages, liquidated damages, costs, and attorney's fees
  • Unsafe convenience store premises resulted in severe head lacerations to client entering store
  • Bar employee assaulted patron, causing severe injuries to face and head
  • Client sustained significant injuries when shot by an acquaintance.
  • Client's foot seriously injured at Wal-Mart by employee using motorized chair.
  • Claim against homeowner's insurance for termite damage to home in Madison County.
  • Life insurance proceeds in dispute after spouse’s death.
  • Severe injuries and scarring to arm from dog bite in Fayette County.
  • Long term disability recovery for injured client who suffered hip and back pain.
  • Client leaving retail establishment tripped over cable placed across the surface of a walkway in Lexington.
  • Life insurance proceeds in dispute after death of client's relative.
  • Dog bite to client's thigh by Doberman pinscher when making a delivery to residence in Nicholasville in Jessamine County. Recovery for client for medical expenses, loss of income, severe emotional distress and scarring.
  • Client underwent multiple surgeries for fractured leg after slipping on rain-slicked steps at automobile dealership in Lexington which failed to warn of unsafe conditions.
  • Client making delivery at manufacturing facility injured by fall off unsafe loading dock.
  • Dispute concerning rightful beneficiary over life insurance benefits after death of ex-husband.
  • Client slipped on ice in parking lot of a retail establishment in Georgetown, Scott County, and suffered shoulder injury requiring surgery. Recovery for plaintiff after suit filed for medical costs, lost wages and pain and suffering.
  • Injuries to hands while working at Toyota in Georgetown, Scott County, resulted in permanent restrictions and long term disability award.
  • Passenger on Lex-Tran bus in Fayette County badly injured when her seat, which was not properly bolted down, came loose.
  • Client sustained injuries after being thrown off an amusement park ride.
  • Bar employee assaulted with broken bottle by over-served patron.
  • Injuries suffered on the job resulted in permanent work restrictions and recovery for client under long term disability policy recovery.
  • Recovery for client after serious injury to knee and wrist due to slip and fall on wet floor at restaurant in Georgetown.
  • Bar employee assaulted patron, breaking bones and causing serious injuries.
  • Client falsely arrested by Lexington Fayette Urban County Government police officer.
  • Recovery of full disability benefits for fireman who sustained lung damage while working for LFUCG.
  • Social security disability award and back benefits recovery for client unable to work due to back, arm and wrist injuries.

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Workers' Compensation
  • Workers' comp award for construction worker that suffered fractured pelvis and multiple compound injuries when platform on which he was standing collapsed onto cinder block.
  • Recovery for estate of truck driver who crashed his truck and died while on the job.
  • Award in favor of employee who suffered shoulder injury when co-employee dropped heavy object.
  • Vertebrae fracture suffered by client while working as a surveyor, causing severe pain and permanent work restrictions and resulting in workers' compensation award and disability policy recovery.
  • Employee reached workers’ compensation settlement but died before signing paperwork and receiving funds. Recovery for employee’s estate.
  • Workers' compensation recovery for employee who sustained multiple injuries when his vehicle was struck by vehicle being driven by another employee.
  • Total workers’ compensation award after trial when client’s injury at work resulted in Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) Syndrome, also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).
  • Workers' compensation recovery for teacher's assistant injured by student in Madison County who caused her to fall. Recovery for injuries to low back, knee and neck which required surgery.
  • Total workers’ compensation award after trial when client suffered severe back injury while working as an electrician.
  • Award in favor of delivery worker in Bath County who suffered crushed hand in work-related incident.
  • Total award for workers' compensation claim of client who lost leg while working as a sanitation worker.
  • Nurse slipped on water while working for hospital and twisted and dislocated knee requiring surgery. Workers' compensation award for injuries.
  • Workers' compensation award for client injured while working at a bookstore in Fayette County.
  • Workers' comp award for hip replacement after hip damaged by work performed for employer.
  • Substantial workers' compensation award for client suffering severe crush injury to hand and arm and partial loss of hand in Scott County.
  • Leg injury to carpenter at a construction project in Harrison County requiring multiple surgeries resulting in workers' comp award.
  • Workers' compensation recovery for elbow injury and nerve damage while working for employer.
  • Employee suffered severe hernia while lifting heavy propane tanks at work. Award for employee.
  • Injury to client while lifting parts working at Toyota in Scott County, causing low back pain and numbness in leg and foot. Award of workers' compensation benefits for client.
  • Shoulder injury at work which required multiple corrective surgeries resulted in workers' compensation award for employee.
  • Client was run over by a bobcat being operated by a co-worker in Richmond, Madison County, sustaining two breaks in one leg and injury to other ankle. Workers' compensation settlement to compensate client for injuries.
  • Workers' compensation award for client who underwent multiple surgeries after sustaining severe back injury while lifting at work in Shelbyville, Shelby County.
  • Award for client who suffered hand injury while operating milling machine at Johnson Controls in Scott County, causing pain and numbness and loss of grip strength in hand.
  • Award of workers' compensation benefits in favor of laundry worker injured on the job in Lexington.
  • Client working in Laurel County seriously injured when a bridge collapsed on him. Award for injuries on workers' compensation claim.
  • Client received total workers' comp award due to loss of eye while working as a carpenter.
  • Award for client who sustained back injury while moving furniture.
  • Total award for client who suffered severe back injury while working as a carpenter.

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